The Curriculum

The Curriculum

During your first lesson your InterLangua tutor will evaluate your level of Spanish. Together, you will then discuss your goals and objectives and set a plan.

The following is a list of books that are commonly used by Amarildo Bal, our Spanish tutor in Guatemala. If you would like to use one of these books it will make it easier for Amarildo to follow along with you.

Experienced, credentialed, native-speaking teachers who will help you not only to understand the langange but the culture which it comes from.

General Spanish

“Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar” by Gilda Nissenberg

“Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Pronouns And Prepositions” by Dorothy Richmond 

“Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses” by Dorothy M. Devney  

“Spanish Grammar for Independent Learners” (Paperback) by Arie Vicente, Avigail Azoulay 

“The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice” (Paperback) by Ronni L Gordon, David M Stillman

Spanish two years, Robert J. Nassi and Bernard Bernstein

Spanish three years, Robert J. Nassi and Bernard Bernstein

Curso de Espanol para extranjeros inicial 2, by Virgilio Borobio

Your Internet connection is your bridge.

Real-time Video and Voice over the Internet puts you face-to-face. There is no need for proprietary hardware. The software runs in your standard Internet Browser. All a student needs is a high speed Internet connection. The tutoring can take place in a language lab, library, office – or a home. This is a secure connection, encrypted at 128 bits from your computer to the tutor’s computer. Bridge the huge gap between cultural and economic circumstances with InterLangua tutors.

Medical Spanish Books

Spanish for Health Care Professionals by Wiliam C. Harvey **** (This one is great and less than $10)

Basic Medical Spanish by Olimpia Piccardo

A Su Salud!, Yale University Press (Intermediate Level)

Manual de pruebas diagnosticas, by Diana Nicoll

Determinaciones Bioquimicas, utildad y valoracion clinica by Jacobo Diaz Portillo

An Introduction to Spanish for Health Care Workers (Second Edition) Robert O. Chase. Clisa B. Medina de Chase

Business Spanish

The Basic Spanish Series

Basic Spanish, Ana C. Jarvis ISBN: 0-618-50569-5

Basic Spanish For Business and Finance, Ana C. Jarvis. ISBN: 0-618-50574-1

Text Books

Socios 2 – Curso de Espanol orientado al mundo del trabajo

(Libro del alumno and cuaderno de ejercicios), by Lola Martinez and Maria Lluisa Sabater

EN BREVE – A Concise Review of Spanish Grammar, fifth edition, by Seymour Resnick, William Guiliano and Phyllis M. Golding

El arte de la conversación El arte de la composición, ISBN 0-8384-0855-9

Children’s Books and CD’s

Larousse, by Natacha Díaz.

History Books (High School Level)

Título del libro. Historia 1, by J. de Jesús Nieto López. ISBN 970-29-0708-X

Título del libro. Historia 2, by Antonio Arteaga Tiscareño ISBN 970-642-213-7


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One Hour Trial Lesson: $32.00 USD

Ten 55 Minute Lessons: $279.00 USD

Ten 85 Minute Lessons: $415.00 USD

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