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Learn Spanish one-on-one, real time with an experienced native tutor

Unlike other programs that use an app or AI, InterLangua tutors work directly with you to tailor a language learning experience to meet your unique requirements.

One-to-one tutoring builds language skills faster than any other method. Logging into the InterLangua website with A high-speed Internet connection puts you in direct audio-video connection with a college-educated InterLangua tutor with an average of five years of experience.

Making contact with a language is about making conversation.
InterLangua tutors are experts at creating directed conversation built around language lessons. Our tutors bring not only grammar, but their country’s culture to life. A key goal of all InterLangua tutors is to bridge the cultural divide in their tutoring sessions, extending your language studies into a cultural experience.

Amarildo Bal - InterLangua Spanish TutorConsistent contact with a tutor is a primary goal of InterLangua. Sophisticated scheduling tools ensure that every student will move along their curriculum with the same tutor.

Affordable & effective for all ages
The lesson is all about you. You work with a person, not a classroom, from the convenience of your home or office on your schedule

InterLangua’s face-to-face language tutoring is the fastest way to speak a language. Guaranteed.



  • One Hour Trial Lesson: $32.00 USD

  • Ten 55 Minute Lessons: $279.00 USD

  • Ten 85 Minute Lessons: $415.00 USD



Learn More Than A Language

Interlangua tutors are the best in the world. Their program offers more face-time and a better contextual understanding of the lessons than any other language-learning service.

Partial Client List

Medical Spanish
Duke University Medical School
Yale University Medical School
University of Texas Medical Branch
St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame Nursing Dept.

Business Spanish
Nextel International
Telcom Communications
Ohio State University International School
St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame
Marist College


Payment Options

One Hour Trial Lesson: $32.00 USD

Ten 55 Minute Lessons: $279.00 USD

Ten 85 Minute Lessons: $415.00 USD

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