Executive Leadership

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Elisabeth Montgomery

Chief Executive Officer

As one of the founders of InterLangua, Dr. Montgomery, has lived and worked in Shenzhen since 1999 where she has held positions as Senior Advisor on Internationalization for the Nanshan District Education Bureau, Professor of Cross-Cultural Training and International Exchange for Shenzhen Managers Training College and Principal and Foreign College Placement Counselor for Yucai High International Department in Shekou Town, Nanshan District. She has also served as Professor of English and International Business Marketing at Shenzhen University and lectured at colleges and universities throughout China.

Since 2010 Dr. Montgomery has designed and conducted English summer camp training programs, study tours, and international job shadow programs in cooperation with the Shenzhen Yucai Education Group. She also designed and delivered the Nanshan District annual “Dragon and Eagle Dialogues”, a district wide event linking Nanshan public and private international students.

Stationed at Shenzhen Yucai High School International Department from 2012 to 2017, Dr. Montgomery worked for six years as Teacher, Principal and Headmaster, and was the first Foreign Principal (FP) in China serving in a Chinese public school.

As of 2020, Beth was made board member of the Asian Pacific Career Development association

Shawn Xiao (aka Xiao, Lianyu)

Chief Operations Officer

Shawn joined InterLangua Software in January 2015 as the assistant to the CEO, Dr. Montgomery. During that time he was charged with coordinating the Great Books Training in Nanshan District, while also serving as Dr. Montgomery’s foreign Vice Principal of administration at the primary school and Dr. Montgomery’s principal administration at Yucai High School International Department.

Promoted to Administrative Manager in September 2015, Shawn was responsible for daily administration of the the Yucai High School International Department, along with curricular design managing, college placement managing.

Sun Weihong

Director of Quality and Operations

Sun has more than twenty years of experience as instructor and manager at Shenzhen Manager’s Training College, where she was charged with designing, organizing and implementing a variety of educational programs for senior Chinese government officials, preparing them for overseas study from 1999 to 2003. Sun has also served as instructor and organizer of English Language Training Programs for the cadres and managers from all walks of life in Shenzhen from 1999 to 2003. Responsible for working with the universities and providing in-job university degree programs, and in-job post graduate degrees programs for managers and technicians from 2003-2007.


B.A. English – Yangzhou University, P.R. China