InterLangua in China

our Story

Originally founded in 2005 to teach Chinese and Spanish to USA government, business and educational personnel, InterLangua has evolved into a global language management firm providing educational course development, academic planning services, occupational readiness courses and workshops, accelerated language camps, and aptitude-based career assessments. The company has primary offices in the USA, China and Central America.

To help prepare our students for success in a rapidly changing global economy, InterLangua works with everybody – from government officials and CEOs of large corporations, to entrepreneurial pioneers and educational institutions. We encourage critical thinking and innovative approaches to problem solving. All of our training takes place in an environment that is at once scientifically rigorous and intellectually free. 

Since 2007, InterLangua has directly cooperated with schools in China and the United States (including primary/secondary schools and universities) and enterprises and institutions and is committed to building a comprehensive sense of innovation from the educational level in China.  Through Interlangua’s partnership with The Great Books Program, we offer customizable programs and services, including US university study applications, career planning education consulting services and international courses, Great Books original teaching method training and Great Books original reading courses, as well as customized industry language training. Interlangua can meet a variety of customers demand.

Why Interlangua

With deep roots in the American educational system and more than a decade working in Chinese schools, InterLangua’s executive team, led by Dr. Elisabeth Montgomery, has vast knowledge and experience of the cross-cultural challenges faced by Chinese students looking to further their education abroad and find fulfilling careers back home in China. We integrate an authentic background in Western culture and university level education into our curriculum design and training services, delivering a cutting-edge product of relevance and innovation.