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Marist College students talk about their first-hand experience with InterLangua tutors. Video courtesy of Marist College.

Go Beyond Grammar to World Culture with Spanish or Chinese live online tutors.

A unique human resource for your program. See, hear and speak in a web conference with native-speaker tutors living and working in their own countries.

All InterLangua tutors are experts in grammar and intensive conversational practice. They bring your students to their country's cultures in every tutorial. A key goal of all InterLangua tutors is to bridge the cultural divide in their tutoring sessions.

Spanish Professor shown implements Interlangua's online tutorial in his Spanish classes.

Dr. Gerald Gingras, Associate Professor of Spanish. Saint Mary's College College , Notre Dame.

Do your students only need to know how to ask directions to the airport? Or is it important for them to know how a baggage handler lives in Latin America?

InterLangua can be an effective tool to extend your students' language studies into a multi-cultural experience. Your Spanish students will visit Guatemala over the internet every week. Your Chinese students will immerse in Shenzhen, China. They will have a chance to learn from, and know, an educated, articulate language tutor who lives and works where the language is spoken. Contact our University Specialist at USA 312 546 3444. Or email Morgan now.

You assign the lessons. Our tutors implement your program.

Saint Mary's College offers three different one credit pass/fail courses with InterLangua tutors. The tutors also work within traditional three credit courses for Business Spanish and Conversational Spanish. "The tutors follow our syllabus on a weekly basis, reinforcing the classroom discussions and activities," said Dr. Gerald Gingras.

Other colleges focus our tutors where they see the need. InterLangua tutors work with students across majors and colleges. From undergraduate nursing students to MBA students, InterLangua is flexible.

Whether as a "resource" in a "Language Lab" or an integral part of a curriculum, InterLangua tutors understand and implement your programs.