What's 200K between friends? Turn your internet browser into a real-time Video and Voice Conference.

What you, as an individual, need to start.

You need a high speed internet connection: A DSL or cable modem connection will work. You will need to upload 100Kbps and download 300 kbps. No proprietary hardware is necessary. You do need a modern computer that is running Windows 2000 or XP or Vista. You need a USB webcam. You need an audio headset with a microphone which plugs into your sound card.

1. Know your bandwidth. We recommend using testmy.net for an online test. Or Click here to download Cnet.com Bandwidth Meter. During the tutoring session you will upload about 100kbps and download about 200kbps.

2. Install your Webcam and test it. Click here for a document with instructions on installing a Logitech webcam.

3. Plug in your audio headset and test it. We created online Video instructions. Or Click here for instructions in a written document.

4. Call InterLangua to schedule your appointments. 312-546-3445

5. During your first appointment, download the active X control and start your lesson. Follow these links for Windows XP or Vista instructions using Internet explorer. That's it. You are ready to start.

6. Important documents for Chinese clients: Follow these links for "PinYin Bar Tutorial" on Windows XP or Vista instructions on setting up your computer. Click here to download the Pinyin zip file.

A Webcam, an audio Headset and Go.

You will also have real-time Instant Messaging and a shared, interactive "Whiteboard" with your tutor.Start Now.


We play well with others. Academic Networks remain secure and bandwidth under control.

Academic networks work well with InterLangua. During the tutoring session a student will upload about 100kbps and download about 200kbps. We use ActiveX controls to convert a browser into an interactive tutoring session with full-motion Video and Voice. ActiveX controls are part of the .NET platform. We support the open source Firefox internet browser through a " plugin".This is not P2P software. All InterLangua traffic is HTTP. And it all comes from a single server IP address. Our software perform NAT transversal. We are running on some of the most networks in the country.

The conference will run on any Pentium4 level computer using Windows OS. Network. Administrators who use Linux/UNIX or Macintosh exclusively should contact us. 312-546-3444.

Our software is part of the "web collaboration" movement. We use distributed processing to enable fully interactive web meetings. Each computer in the web meeting is responsible for processing its own video, audio and presentation tools. The InterLangua! server acts as the "synchronization" agent between the computers in the conference. By "sharing" the processing load there is no need for proprietary hardware.