Directed Conversational Practice with an experienced tutor.

It is your tutor's ability to understand where you need directed conversational practice,which makes the experience unique.

Entry level Spanish student works with Marco, InterLangua tutor.

A low-bandwidth real-time video web conference makes it possible for US students to work with educated, experienced Chinese language tutors. Sun, InterLangua tutor.

One-to-one tutoring builds language skills faster than any other method. The tutors of InterLangua bring college educations and an average of five years tutoring to you. Immerse in a new language and culture for less cost than the mechanical tools commonly used. Making contact with a language is about making conversation.Moving between verb tenses becomes natural when a student has something they want to say. Our tutors are experts at creating directed conversation built around language lessons.

Our tutors bring not only grammar, but their countries cultures to life.

Learning a Language is also learning about a new culture.A key goal of all InterLangua tutors is to bridge the cultural divide in their tutoring sessions. With InterLangua tutors you will know how to ask directions to the airport. And you will understand how a baggage handler lives in Latin America. Extend your language studies into a cultural experience. Consistent contact with a tutor is a primary goal of InterLangua. Sophisticated scheduling tools make it possible to ensure every student will move along your curriculum with the same tutor.

Affordable & Effective The lesson is all about you. You work with a person, not a classroom.

Compare InterLangua's professional,experienced tutors from developing nations to classroom, "immersion" and software training.

InterLangua Spanish tutoring is effective at all ages.

InterLangua tutoring over the Internet makes financial sense. A significant cost, the internet connection, is already part of your budget.For the same price as one national company's weeklong "immersion" program, you can book a month with InterLangua tutors. And with InterLangua tutors you do not have to leave your home or office. You meet with them on your PC. There is no question that InterLangua's face-to-face language tutoring is the fastest way to speak a language.Guaranteed.