Dayna who is pictured holds the Spanish tutor program run by InterLangua in high regards.

"At NII we have found the InterLangua program provides much more than the convenience of private Spanish lessons at our desks. We now use it as part of our employee retention program. Everyone involved in the program is invited to Spanish-only lunches. The program has created a wonderful boost in our multi-cultural company." Dayna Parker, VP of Human Resources, NII Holdings.

Custom language programs meet business goals.

From cultural competency in Chinese for an international executive to safety Spanish commands on the factory floor - build your program for your business..

See, hear and speak over the Internet with a professional language tutor in the InterLangua full-motion video conference.

The Fastest way to Speak a Language. Guaranteed.

Face-to-Face tutoring builds speaking skills faster. Your tutoring session over the internet uses enterprise-level web conferencing software. The webcam video is full-motion and is in synchronization with the audio. There is chat and a shared whiteboard. You do not need any special equipment or technical knowledge.
Prof. Wing applauds the fact that Interlangua is using Spanish Language speaking third world people to tutor US students online.

John "Jack" Wing, Chairman and Professor - Illinois Institute of Technology Center for Law and Financial Markets
"InterLangua combines technology and human resources in this unique service so businesses can quickly and easily access language training which meets their needs".

From Chinese to Spanish, every session is as personal as you and your tutor. There is no faster way to speak a new language. This is an educational and cultural experience which you need to see and hear to appreciate.

Convenient and cost-effective.

You meet with an InterLangua tutor on your PC. You do not have to leave your office. You can even meet with your tutor at home because there is no special hardware required. One hour of "immersion" speaking with a private tutor is like taking four one-hour group classes. All the language training in each tutorial is customized to your company's goals.

Construction foremen need different language skills than customer service agents at a bank. Executives need a unique program depending on their responsibilities. Your business's specialized needs can only be met by professional, experienced language tutors. It is the ability of the InterLangua tutor to focus each lesson on the subject area of your business which makes the InterLangua Business and Training service so efficient. Our tutors' education and experience guarantee they will understand and implement your program.