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Learn Spanish or Chinese in your private tutorial online. The best tutors in the world are as close as your Internet. Discover the human connection. Join your personal tutor now.

Connect across Continents

Educated, experienced language tutors who live and work in their own countries are ready for you. The Spanish tutors are from Guatemala. The Mandarin Chinese tutors are native speakers. All are employees of InterLangua. Your quality experience is guaranteed.

Smile to Smile

Professional tutors and an enterprise-level fiber optic connection creates the InterLangua real-time experience. To learn to speak a new language you must have real conversations with real people. Join our clients in a unique multicultural experience.

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See, hear and speak over the Internet with your personal language tutor in full-motion video conference. Go beyond grammar to life. InterLangua tutors live and work in their native countries and bring their culture to life. You will work with a college educated professional who has at least five years tutoring experience.

The Fastest way to Speak a Language. Guaranteed.

Face-to-Face tutoring builds language skills faster. Your tutoring session over the internet uses the enterprise-level web conferencing software. The webcam video is full-motion and is in synchronization with the audio. There is chat and a shared whiteboard. You do not need any special equipment or technical knowledge. From beginning Spanish to medical Spanish, every session is as personal as you and your tutor. There is no faster way to speak Spanish. This is an educational and cultural experience which you need to see and hear to appreciate. Language tutors are now available in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, K'iche' and Kaqchikel.

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Experienced and educated language tutors are now as close as your Internet connection. Register for your own real-time InterLangua tutor. See which language tutors are available at the time you want. After you select the hours and tutor you want, our secure reservation system will accept your payment. Access the InterLangua Portal where your tutor will send you notes on your tutoring sessions. Language tutors are now available in Spanish, K'iche' and Kaqchikel. Sign Up Now. Ten sessions for individuals begin at $220.

If you are a teacher, an administrator or a student at a university or school looking to expand language and cultural offerings, InterLangua can help. You can contact our National Sales Manager directly. InterLangua offers programs designed for universities and schools. When an educational organization buys blocks of hours for their students, there can be significant savings. Please see what we can do for your Medical School, or University or Business Training.